Why Us?

Here are 5 reasons why you should trust us

Why Us

There are five reasons for why you should trust us:


We are NPOP certified. We are growing everything 100% organically and are at the top of the organic spectrum.


Most other organic sellers are aggregators / distributors. While their products are labelled USDA Organic, given the brutal economics for farmers, we find it hard to believe that small farmers in India that they buy from, are able to grow food organically. We are able to do it because we have a relatively large land holding (www.thefarmhousecompany.com) and other businesses and sources of income to support ourselves.
Organic peanut butters and chocolate spreads tend to have saturated fats, large amounts of sugar, palm oil, refined oils, and natural flavors. We are surprised that these products pass for “organic”. Our products contain only original ingredients which nature gives us (Peanut Butter: 1 ingredient: organic peanuts) and if any other ingredients are used, they too are grown organically on our farm.
To understand just how organic we are, first we need to understand the levels of organic:
There are 4 levels of organic:

Details 100% Organic 95% or More Organic 70% to 94% Organic Less than 70% Organic
What parts of it are organic? All the ingredients and processing ingredients. All agricultural ingredients, except where specified on National List and at least 95% of total ingredients. At least 70% of total ingredients. Doesn’t need to be certified
Can claim to be organic or “made with organic ingredients” Yes Yes No No
Must state name of certifying agent on information panel Yes Yes Yes No
Must identify organic ingredients on information panel Yes Yes Yes No

Quality: Using Best Practices

  1. We believe in going above and beyond. We have gone beyond the minimum recommended 100% organic standard.
  2. Produce grown on our farm: we do not believe in aggreagation, unlike most of our competition, it does not guarantee quality.
  3. Using Ancient Vedic Agriculture Practices for growing farm produce: grown without using any chemicals or GMO seeds.
  4. Processing: using ancient practices such as sun drying & stone grinding for spice.

Seasons Produce:

Storage in a non-refrigerated environment using ancient practices.