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100% Organic Basmati Rice

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Basmati Rice is grown 100% organically on our farm using ancient vedic farming techniques to capture all of nature's nutrients. It is pure and is not adulterated as is the case with most brands available in the market.

Health Benefits

Medicinal Benefits of Rice:
1. Gluten free foodgrain
2. Easy on the digestive system
3. Source of energy
4. Restores glycogen levels after exercise
5. Helps to reduce obesity because of low levels of fat, cholesterol and sodium

Rice has
1. Manganese, essential for metabolism and body’s antioxidant system
2. Niacin, contains vitamin B-3
3. Thiamin, contains vitamin B-1
4. Magnesium, essential for synthesis of protein, maintaining blood pressure
5. Pantothenic acid
6. Phosphorus
7. Riboflavin
8. Vitamin B-6
9. Copper
10. Folate

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