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100% Organic Black Turmeric (Saboot Kali Haldi)

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Black turmeric, is also known as Curcuma Caesia or Black Zedoary. It is a perennial herb rhizome of the family Zingiberaceae. Rhizome is tuberous with camphoraceous sweet odor, about 2–6 cm in diameter, the shape and size is often variable. It is sessile, laterally flattened and covered with adventitious roots, root scars and warts. It shows longitudinal circular wrinkles on the surface giving the look of nodal and intermodal zones to the rhizomes. The surface (cork) of rhizome is dark brown, bluish black, or buff in color. It is fibrous with a strong camphor aroma are extremely bitter in taste as they are rich in alkaloids and are of immense therapeutic uses. 

This variety is considered to have enhanced medicinal and spiritual properties as compared to the regular variety. In ethno medicinal practices, the traditional healers use this for the treatment of various types of diseases.

Health Benefits

Medicinal Benefits of Rice:
1. Gluten free foodgrain
2. Easy on the digestive system
3. Source of energy
4. Restores glycogen levels after exercise
5. Helps to reduce obesity because of low levels of fat, cholesterol and sodium

Rice has
1. Manganese, essential for metabolism and body’s antioxidant system
2. Niacin, contains vitamin B-3
3. Thiamin, contains vitamin B-1
4. Magnesium, essential for synthesis of protein, maintaining blood pressure
5. Pantothenic acid
6. Phosphorus
7. Riboflavin
8. Vitamin B-6
9. Copper
10. Folate

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