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100% Organic Cowpea (Lobiya/Chauli )

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Organic Cowpea (Lobiya) is grown 100% organically on our farm using ancient Vedic farming techniques to grow grains full of nature's nutrients. We then use the age-old ancient practice of sun drying to bring out its distinct natural flavor and aroma.

They are creamy white in colour with black mark on their inner curve. It has subtle nutty aroma, rich creamy taste, and earthy flavour.


Medical Benefits of Black-eyed Beans (Chauli /Lobhiya):

  • Cowpeas contain antioxidants like flavonoids, which help the body fight disease.
  • Cowpeas are a great source of soluble fiber, which is a key nutrient when it comes to digestive health.
  • Enjoying Cowpeas as part of a balanced diet is an excellent way to help keep your heart healthy and strong, as they may help reduce several risk factors for heart disease.
  • One half-cup serving of Cowpeas contains 8 percent of the daily recommended intake of calcium, a nutrient that is critical for bone strength.

Health Benefits

• Promotes Weight Loss
• Augments Heart Health
• Manages Diabetes
• Improves Digestive health
• Enhances Skin Health
• Combats Infections
• Good For Pregnant Women
• Prevents Hair Loss.

Names in Different Languages

Botanical name: Vigna unguiculata
English: Cow Peas / Black Eyed Peas
Hindi: Lobhiya
Bengali: Lobia
Gujarati: Chawli /chora
Kannada: Alasandee
Konkani: Chawli
Marathi: Kale Watana
Malayalam: Vella Payaru
Tamil: Vellai Karamani
Telugu: Bobbarlu Guggullu

Best Ways to Consume

• Chawli beans should be soaked overnight so that it becomes soft and pliable for use.
• It is a versatile ingredient therefore can be used in many ways. It can be cooked into rich gravies, soups, and even added to salads.
• For vegan bolognese it can be added to pasta sauce.
• When mashed up with a bit of olive oil, it can be used as a dip.